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We believe that simple solutions in the kitchen will keep life tasty, that's why we create and provide innovative, healthy and flavorful products for food enthusiasts. This web store is a central ordering site for all our product brands.


GarLic it!
The tastiest way to discover garlic's hidden flavor. GarLic it!® Garlic Finishes are perfectly prepared garlic ingredients, ready to eat straight out of the jar on anything:grilled salmon, penne pasta, ceasar salad, butterflied shrimp, baked potato, or even just on a spoon...
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Millie's Vegetable Sipping Broth
The tastiest way to snack smarter. The first soup/broth in a tea bag. Our savory, hot snack beverage was inspired by a school teacher (co-founder Lori) who had a desire for a healthy, convenient low calorie snack that she could make quickly between classes. The result is Millie's Sipping Broth that is ready to serve in a convenient single serve Steepable(tm)....
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Auntie Gretchen's Water Infusions
The tastiest way to drink more water. Auntie Gretchen's Water infusions were created to give a better taste to water without the use of any artificial ingredients - just organically and naturaly sourced real flavor...
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