This is a easy way to make a dirty vodka martini that is a little spicy and really tasty.

Bloody Mary Martini [0:00]: Hi everyone! Lance from keep life tasty. I’m going to make a martini that is infused with our millies-sipping broth. 

[0:09]: So the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to open this up and I’m actually going to be, everything I’m going to do, I'm going to do for two servings. We’re gonna take two of our broth bags here and put that right into uh this cup and three ounces of vodka for each serving.  [0:32]: It takes about three minutes for the broth to infuse and we’re just going to add a little splash of vermouth. 

[0:41]: So Lori, and I like these spicy, sweet pickles so what I’m going to do is take that and rub it around your rim like that. And then I’m going to use our red pepper dazzler and… [1:04]: There’s that. Okay. Great.   [1:08]: So as you can see what’s happening now is the spicy tortilla is starting to infuse into the vodka and the nice thing about this is that we’re not going to be adding any water to this drink. So the flavor is going right into the alcohol. It’s getting diluted right into the alcohol. 

[1:29]: And the longer we let it set the more flavor will go in there. Again, about three minutes for it to get to the right spiciness.  [1:40]: Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to just pour all of this into my shaker. You can leave these out so you don’t run the risk of them breaking while you’re getting everything cold. [1:56]: And we’re just gonna shake it up so it's all mixed and cold.  [2:04]: And here we go, I’m going to put my little garnishes in. I’ve got my spicy pickles here. Alright, here we go.  

[2:29]: Alright so there we have our bloody mary-infused martini.