I have a love for gourmet salads! Whether they involve grilled peaches and feta cheese or grilled chicken and orange slices, I cannot seem to go wrong when creating a good, healthy salad for the summer. In fact, many salads are a common theme for many people throughout the summer seasons. Sitting down with a big bowl of summer salad greens, a good book, and a cold glass of grape juice is my idea of a happy afternoon. 

FETA, PEACHES, AND FLATBREAD Fresh Feta cheese adds a fantastic sour and salty note to many summer time salads or to Pita bread. Add some grilled peaches or nectarines to the salad or some Flatbread, and you have yourself one amazing and healthy meal or snack. Summer time salads and appitizers are a smart way of minimizing time slaving away over a hot stove. A simple but yet tasty seared peach and feta cheese snack on Flatbread is perfect for those days you just don't want to cook too much. 

GRILLED PEACH AND FETA FLATBREAD WITH WATERMELON SALT Llance Kezner came up with a wonderful and healthy new recipe for a Grilled Peach and Feta Cheese Flatbread snack with Watermelon Salt. The Watermelon salt Llance introduces gives a nice salty and savory type of kick, to any Flatbread snack you decide to make. In his Youtube video, Llance shares how to create a great Grilled Peach and Feta Flatbread snack with Watermelon Salt which will require some cooking on your part. Llance uses a fresh Nectarine, although you can also use a fresh Peach if you want to. In the video, Llance starts by cutting off a couple of pieces of the fresh Nectarine, followed by cutting the pieces of Nectarine he just cut in half again. He also uses an authentic Greek Flatbread which doesn't dry out like normal Pita bread does. Llance gently heats the Greek Flatbread on a fry pan just until golden brown, followed by grilling up the Nectarine slices on the frypan as well. He proceeds to lay the Peach slices onto the warmed Flatbread, followed by crumbling some of the fresh Feta Cheese onto top on the seared Nectarine slices. Llance ends up the creative video by sprinkling some of the Watermelon Salt on top of the fresh Feta crumbles and Nectarine slices. Llance lets his viewers know that it may be a little spicy, but overall very tasty. Feta with Grilled Peaches/Nectarines and Watermelon Salt is truly a great afternoon snack, and something that will not set you back too many calories at the end of the day.