This is a totally easy recipe that just uses a couple of ingredients.Photo by Mariana Medved on Unsplash 

Hi. I'm Lori with Keep Life Tasty, and today I'm going to make scrambled eggs grilled tomatoes. And we're going to be using our famous, which I love so much is our Shakshuka Shaker. It's a wonderful seasoning, it's a Mediterranean seasoning, and it just tastes so great on so many things. I'm going to put a little oil on the pan. Actually, I just pre-sliced some tomatoes. I'm going to put them in the pan here to then grill a little bit.  Okay, while that's grilling, I'm just going to scramble a few eggs. You could add a little liquid, a little milk if you wanted to, I'm not going to today. Okay, my tomatoes have been grilling a little bit, and I think they're ready.  I'm going to take them. I'm going to put them on this plate. And now what I'm going to do is, a little Shakshuka seasoning on here. Here. There we go. Scramble those up. Don't you love these non-stick pans? So easy. Take these eggs, put them on top of my tomatoes. There we go.  And I'm going to put a little more seasoning, just a little. Okay. And I've got a piece of toast. And I think what I'm going to do is... A little taste just like this. Very good. Thank you.