Our first care packages are now going out to employees and clients while they work at home. The idea is that we are combining products from small business brands that are health oriented and sending them out for employers who have employees working from home.

These care packages really help in many ways such as:

-Staying connected with employees during this stressful time
-Helping to keep small brand/company business employees working during the virus crisis
-Promoting health and wellness during this time

Care packages can be customized to fit price ranges starting at $9.95/employee and contain full size and sample products across a range of categories including sipping broth, protein bars, drink mixes, seasonings and more.  Some of the brands included are Millie's Sipping Broth, Off the Farm, Auntie Gretchen's Water Essence, Bettey's Seasoning Blends, GarLic it, Seattle Pickle Company and more. Our list is growing fast and hope to partner with as many companies as possible.

Packages and products are packed in accordance with all recommended guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in their Interim Guidance for Business and Employers.  We are emphasizing employees staying home if sick, using respiratory etiquette, and appropriate hand hygiene. Where employees are able to work remotely, we are having them do so.