We thought we would share a great “Don’t Stay Hangry” story about Melissa and Nolan from the Tri Cities, Washington.  Together they have lost over 80lbs in a few short months on “No sugar no grain (NSNG)”.

NSNG, according to the NSNG website “eliminates all processed sugars and all grains from your diet. In other words, you eat real food… it is referred to as being a Carnivorous Vegan”.

Melissa and Nolan agreed to share some great insights and pictures with us about their success using Millie’s Sipping Broth while being on No Sugar No Grain (NSNG).

Question: What is the eating lifestyle you both are following?

Answer: We have been No Sugar No Grain since February 2018


Question: What have your results been?

Answer: "My husband and I have lost 40 pounds each, in 4 months, without suffering."


Question: What are the challenges with No Sugar No Grain?

Answer: "At first, reading every label and ingredient is a challenge. But soon, after dependency on carbohydrates fades, you realize you feel better than ever. Cravings turn from fast food and sugar into a juicy steak and veggies. It is almost too easy."


Question: How did you find out about Millie’s Sipping Broth?

Answer: "We received Millie's product in a beautiful organic gift basket after the purchase of our home."


Question: What have you been able to accomplish with having Millie’s as part of your eating routine?   

Answer: "We have found that using Millie's sipping broth to break our intermittent fasting, has little to zero change on blood sugar levels. It's also way more satisfying than a bowl of microgreens ;)"

Thank you Melissa and Nolan for sharing your story with us.  If you have a “Don’t Stay Hangry” story you would like to share with us, please contact us at [email protected]