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Article title: Roasted Elote Pumpkin Seeds Username of writer: Kiek Article keywords: Article body: Speaker 1 We're gonna make a kind of a fun twist on what we're doing this time of year where lucky work squashes pumpkins and those kinds of things, where I've got here, because I got some seeds from acorn squash that we dried out right what do we do, we scoop them out We scooped them out and I washed them. Yes. Right. Yes, and I dried them Yes, so, even sitting here for a couple of days. You can see that they're pretty. They're really dry. I got my oven going 350 And so what we're going to do is we're going to prep these put them in the oven for 15 minutes and then. So, So we've got these already. I've got my recently learned is this called a bench scraper, put these into one and a half. This is what you want to do is just this is the olive oil so what you want to do is just coat the seeds with. I probably put a little too much in there but that's okay. So we're going to use our Elote Love, which is a fantastic spicy little sweet. And I have to thank my niece, Jamie, and Igor for giving us this heads up on our, on our, on this recipe. So we're going to code it kind of covered your views you want to spread it out, and you want them to not overlap because it will take too long. And we feel and what did you, what temperature is the oven 350. We're gonna put it in for 15 minutes now I've got, I've got a nonstick pad so hot out here, but you can just, you know, if you're using FOIL or you could just do it on the path, you do want something those where it's not going to stick. Alright, so that is pretty much run out like that. Alright. Come on, follow me, we're gonna have it. i Okay, so it's been about 15 minutes. We're gonna do is... So anything that looked, there was voice on the top, that means that, you know, you're done. This takes a little bit longer than the snacks that we usually make, because this is something that you can use, you can have, you know, any time of the day, or you can, you know, make a bunch of it and then have it. Pull it out whenever you want. So, I will show you there. Yeah, there he is crying, hoping to get a little taste. Okay there we go. So that's the lotay pumpkin seeds our Elote seeds. Enjoy.