Hi it's LLance from Keep Live Tasty and I'm going to make a smoked watermelon gazpacho with just a touch of a couple of really fresh ingredients. I've got my watermelon here and I'm going to cut it all up. I add my watermelon to a really hot grill. I sear it just enough to get the grill marks on there and a little bit of smoke.

Now I've got my grilled watermelon here that I just took off the grill. I'm going to make a small amount right now but we'll take a few of these slices and but them into here. We want to keep one or two for a garnish that I will put on a little later. That's a little blender. It's a very small blender. We've got some mint that we took out of our garden. I'm going to cut up a little bit of the mint. It's going to get blended together. We'll also use a little bit for our garnish. I've got a lime that I'm going to squeeze part of into this. Since I'm only using a little bit of the lime for this. 

I'm not going to use the whole lime but I'm just going to use part of the lime. That's a big lime. It is a big lime.We also added a quarter of a cup of rice wine vinegar and a quarter of a cup of water. [Blending noises]. 

We're going to take about half a teaspoon of our smoked watermelon salt. That's going to be our seasoning- a little bit of spicy, a little bit of salty, and a lot of flavor. [Blending noises]. Now for the gazpacho we're going to add just a bit of chunkiness to it because we don't want it to just be a soup. We are going to serve this cold. What I'm doing is I'm going to dice some cucumber. 

We've got a fig that we've just pulled out of the yard so we're going to add some fig to this as well- so delicious.

I'm going to take this now. When we serve it, we want to serve a little bit of this together in the bowl. Then what you do is pour this over the top and add a little bit of mint and maybe a little more lime like that. If you want, another dash of this watermelon salt for flavor. There you go. That looks delicious. Smoked watermelon gazpacho. 

Photo by Yulia Khlebnikova on Unsplash