We've put together a summary of the best tips on dealing with Keto Flu.  We grouped them into the top 3 categories - Minerals and Supplements, Fluids and Food, and Common Sense.

How do I know if I have Keto Flu?

Are you having Sugar cravings?
Do you experience dizziness during the day?
Can't concentrate or have brain fog?
Are you feeling irritability?
Is it hard to focus and concentrate?
Are you getting stomach pains?
Do you feel nausea, cramping, muscle soreness or insomnia?

What is making my body do this?
The best answer we found is that water and sodium are flushed out of the body and your T3 thyroid hormone levels will decrease and cause your cortisol levels to increase.

Here are the top tips we've found to help you with Keto Flu:

1) Minerals and Supplements

-Add Salt to Your Food
-Take a Mineral Supplement
-Take Exogenous Ketones

2)Fluids and Food

-Increase your water intake
-Eat more fats
-Don't consciously restrict food intake
-Increase your fiber intake
-Eat More “Clean” Carbs

3) Common Sense
-Slow your transition to ketogenic eating
-Take it easy with physical activity
-Keep moving
-Try intermittent fasting
-Get plenty of rest
-Just be patient