Top 5 reasons why vegetable broth is good for intermittent fasting

Posted by LK on 3/29/2018 to Millie' Sipping Broth
Top 5 reasons why vegetable broth is good for intermittent fasting
I am sitting here listening to Kathie Lee and Hoda talking about intermittent fasting right before everyone gets ready to eat over this Passover and Easter weekend.  This reminds me that vegetable broth is really the perfect tool to make it through any fasting plans:

- The 16/8 Method: Fast for 16 hours each day. ...
- The 5:2 Diet: Fast for 2 days per week. ...
- Eat-Stop-Eat: Do a 24-hour fast, once or twice a week. ...
- Alternate-Day Fasting: Fast every other day. ...
- The Warrior Diet: Fast during the day, eat a huge meal at night.

A significant part of any of these plans is making sure you are satiated during the fast so you are not tempted to cheat or break your fast. Vegetable broth instead of bone broth is a perfect way to accomplish this every day.  Here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. If you are concerned about bone broth halting the consumption of unhealthy cells in your body (autophagy)
  2. Vegetable broths almost always are under the 50 calorie threshold
  3. The sodium in vegetable broth helps to keep cramps at bay
  4. Savory flavors make your head feel satisfied
  5. Vegetable broth can be less upsetting to your empty stomach

Questions we found online about using vegetable broth:

"Hey all! Tomorrow I am starting my second week of intermittent fasting. The first week went really well, but I took a break from working out, because I wanted to know how my body was reacting to the fasting in isolation.

Next week a plan to resume my normal activities, which is a mixture of running, climbing and weight lifting.

I am assuming that I will need a bit more of salt during these days. I was wondering if I can substitute the bone broth with vegetable broth during the fasting?

Anyone has any experience with any time of vegetarian broths?

Thank you"

We love this answer: 

"I did a review for Millie's Sipping Broth, which are basically a teabag of herbs and spices, they're convenient, vegetarian, low calorie, and most importantly tasty. You'll probably have to add salt (even better: a low sodium blend of salt and potassium) for your electrolytes."

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