So you've decided to follow the top 3 reasons to go on a keto diet.  Does this mean you have to give up your"foodie" standards to be successful on this eating lifestyle?  Will your taste buds no longer be able to detect the difference between Pink Himalayan or Black Hawaiian Sea Salt?

When you are doing your food product research, questions like “Is this keto-friendly?”, or “Can I eat this on keto?” on diet forums rarely focus on the most important thing- does it taste good?  Maybe the questions should be "Will the low carb and high fat of a keto diet make my food taste bad?", or "Will I have to give up all my foodie standards on taste and flavor on a keto diet?"  

Here are a few tips on how to keep your gourmet sensibilities while on a keto diet:

1) Foodies are people who typically feel the need to discover something new before anyone else.  Hundreds of products are coming out every day- just keep your eyes open to how the product appeals to you - not just if it is keto friendly.  Who knows, you could be the envy of your keto contemporaries if you discover the next new big thing.

2) Foodies are connoisseurs of fine food and drink.  The newest products coming out on the market are now using some of the finest and innovative ingredients available.  For example, replacements for carbohydrates and sugar, like monk fruit, are really giving food products new functionality beyond simple taste and texture.  Higher end products easily meet these standards.

3) Foodies are epicures - A person who cultivates a refined taste, especially in food and wine (in Greek - a person who lives a virtuous and tranquil life). Wellness is now practically baked into all the new products coming out these days, so you are almost guaranteed to find harmony on your way to keto. 

4) A foodie is typically a Gourmand, or a person who is fond of good eating all the time.  Keto friendly foods can serve you in different functions during the day.  Find products that will satisfy your needs without blowing your progress. 

5) Foodies love the experience of eating.  Some keto foods are more "fuel like" than anything else.  Keep your eyes open for new twists and combinations that keep the eating experience interesting.