You know that feeling you get in the late afternoon or late at night - yes it is real! According to Sophie Medlin, who is a lecturer studying nutrition and dietetics at Kings College London.

“We’ve long recognized in science that hunger leads to irritability. But the wonderful world of social media has merged the two words for us and now we know it as ‘hanger,’” Sophie Medlin told the BBC.

“When our blood sugars drop, cortisol and adrenaline rise up in our bodies -- our fight or flight hormones,” 

Asked about how to deal with this - 

“It depends on how long it’s going to be until your next meal ... So a sort of savory carbohydrate-type snack would be the best thing to have,” Medlin told the BBC.

Of course we are confident our broth is a good fit. "I can't help but love these broths! It's like a hug in a mug! Almost every afternoon when I get a craving for something savory, I make this tea. I've gotten half of my office hooked on it as well.", Krystal from Birmingham.