We believe that simple solutions in the kitchen should keep life tasty, that’s why we create and provide innovative, healthy and flavorful products for food enthusiasts.

We were inspired to create our company from the opportunities we had at hand which included a job layoff, a rich family history of staying connected around food, and our desire to build a business that can sustain our family while giving back to our local community.

GarLic it!® Garlic Finishes are perfectly prepared garlic ingredients, ready to eat straight out of the jar on anything:grilled salmon, penne pasta, ceasar salad, butterflied shrimp, baked potato, or even just on a spoon.

The Story
“After years of watching our moms cook, we’ve both learned that the best food comes from unexpected places and this is no exception.GarLic It!®, is the product of a family recipe that came from the bottom of a glass jar.

Our home-made salad dressing had always been a fixture in our kitchen. One night we ran out of dressing and Lori decided to taste the sliced garlic, oil and herb that was left at the bottom of the glass jar. She looked up with serious eyes and said, “we need to make more of this”.

Soon after, this family recipe quickly became our “secret” ingredient or garlic-finish for all our cooking and appetizers, since the garlic was instantly ready when we needed it, always crunchy and had flavor that was restaurant quality. The best thing was that I never needed to worry about the burn and bitter flavor of raw or over cooked garlic.

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We started sharing our marinated garlic-finish with friends and family and got responses like, "I need more now..." and "my friends want to buy it...", so we decided to make it into a product that could be used for any kind of dish including Italian, Mexican and Chinese.

To bring this product to market we spent years perfecting the recipes and searching the globe to create our own custom blend of the very best garlic and spices. The final test was using it in real home kitchens. The result is a product that gives any meal a restaurant-quality flavor, look and taste. We know you'll like it - LLance & Lori