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attribute - https://www.keeplifetasty.com/photos.htmlCreated by a School Teacher

Millie's matzah ball soup was loved by her whole family. Her daughter Lori, a grade school teacher, needed a quick pick-me-up between classes. So she thought, "what if I could make a smarter snack that tasted like mom's home-made soup in a cup whenever I want?"

attribute - https://www.keeplifetasty.com/photos.htmlThe Idea

Lori made a steepable® boquet garni ( a French method of making a soup broth). It was made of small batches of real plant-based ingredients: whole vegetables, herbs and spices - no meat. She then put it in a broth tea bag and all the teachers in the break room loved it. An idea was born! The original steepable® sipping broth in a tea bag.

attribute - https://www.keeplifetasty.com/photos.htmlThe Result

With the help of her husband she named it after her mom Millie, then launched the idea on Kickstarter in 2014. Shortly after that successful campaign, Millie's Sipping Broth™ hit the market. In 2017 it became the first broth to ever win outstanding hot beverage of the year at the Fancy Food Show and got the attention of the world.

They are all gluten free, vegan and come in compostable broth bags. All flavors are made in small batches and use a combination of organic, natural and wild harvest ingredients to maximize flavor for the season they were harvested.