Melissa and Nolan - No Sugar No Grain

Posted by lk on 5/18/2018 to Millie' Sipping Broth
Melissa and Nolan - No Sugar No Grain

We thought we would share a great “Don’t Stay Hangry” story about Melissa and Nolan from the Tri Cities, Washington.  Together they have lost over 80lbs in a few short months on “No sugar no grain (NSNG)”...

"We have found that using Millie's sipping broth to break our intermittent fasting, has little to zero change on blood sugar levels. It's also way more satisfying than a bowl of microgreens ;)"

What to do about the "Hangry" emotion

Posted by lk on 5/7/2018 to Millie' Sipping Broth
What to do about the
“We’ve long recognized in science that hunger leads to irritability. But the wonderful world of social media has merged the two words for us and now we know it as ‘hanger,’” Sophie Medlin told the BBC.